Case References

United Arab Emirates

  • Emarati Housing Project, Al Ain.

    Emarati Housing Project, Al Ain.

    This project features painting works for 3,000 villas in collaboration with Trojan General Contracting and Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain.

    Kansai Paint was awarded the project due to a demanding implementation schedule. The villas will be painted with Kansai Heritage Texture and Walls & Ceilings 2000 emulsion paints.
  • B2B Tower, Dubai

    B2B Tower, Dubai

    This project is currently ongoing in collaboration with Saudi Bin Ladin Group.

    The 23 floor tower is located in Business Bay, Dubai and Kansai Paint has been awarded the paint supply and application for the project.
  • Park Lane Tower, Dubai

    Park Lane Tower, Dubai

    The Park Lane Tower is a 30-floor tower in the Business Bay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    The tower is 150 metres tall with 30 floors and is being completed in collaboration with Saudi Bin Laden Group. Kansai Paint has been awarded the paint supply and application work for the project.
  • Al Manzil Hotel, Dubai

    Al Manzil Hotel, Dubai

    The Al Manzil Hotel located in Downtown Dubai was recently taken over by Vida Hotels and renovated to deliver a fresh look and feel.

    Kansai Paint products were used for the interior renovation of the hotel before it was reopened in 2014.
  • Ibn Batuta Mall

    Ibn Batuta Mall

    The Ibn Batuta Mall Automated Car Park Extension was completed using hard wearing Kansai epoxy floor coating finishes.

    Based on successful project completion, additional maintenance contracts have been awarded by Dubai based real estate developer Nakheel for the interior and exterior of the mall facility.
  • Al Bahatee Mosque, Sharjah

    Al Bahatee Mosque, Sharjah

    Elaborate interior decoration and exterior painting works were completed at the Al Bahatee Mosque in 2014.

    The project represents the purity of Arab cultural preserved in time. Kansai Heritage Texture was used to maintain a traditional style for this project.
  • Latifa Hospital Expansion, Dubai

    Latifa Hospital Expansion, Dubai

    An expansion project for the renowned hospital completed in 2015.

    To protect the hospital surfaces from disease-spreading bacteria, Kansai Wallscape Pure was specified for its ActiveSilver technology and low VOC features.
  • Flora Creek Hotel, Dubai

    Flora Creek Hotel, Dubai

    This project featured routine maintenance of the hotel and was completed without interruption in daily operations.

    Kansai Walls & Ceilings 2000 Silk was used for this project due to its high washability and durability as the ideal interior emulsion product.
  • Faculty of Islamic Studies, Qatar Foundation Education City

    Faculty of Islamic Studies, Qatar Foundation Education City

    This landmark project by Qatar Foundation Education City was commissioned in 2012 but the products applied did not meet the required specification. In 2015, Kansai Paint was approached for repainting the interior of the facility to deliver a high quality, washable and stain resistant coating solution.

    Kansai’s Wallscape Velvet was extensively evaluated and approved for the project by a joint team from Astad Project Management and Qatar Foundation, following which paint application works were commissioned and completed over after a two month period.

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