Green is not just a colour to us

Kansai accepts and acknowledges its responsibility, not only in creating quality products, but also in encouraging a culture that is dedicated to progressive and sustainable solutions. Green is not just a colour to us. We are actively committed to implementing environmentally considerate practices in every aspect of our business. Striving to inspire more ecological considerate decisions, we have responded to the challenge by innovating unparalleled sustainable solutions based on three key pillars of compliance, sustainability, and products.

Consistently high manufacturing standards

Kansai Paint has a long proud history of innovation in the coatings industry. A strong synergy of research, technology, people, products and partners has made this position of leadership possible.

Today, the company currently operates 38 production plants overseas and one manufacturing facility in the Middle East with an annual production capacity of 12 million litres per year.

Kansai’s commitment to the technological innovation is exemplified by the degree of advanced quality control laboratories where each batch undergoes a number of stringent quality control tests to ensure it meets customer benchmarks, local standards and Kansai’s global manufacturing standards.

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