Pioneering Technology and Innovation

Over the last 60 years, Kansai Paint has introduced product and application technology innovation to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce the lifecycle cost of automotive manufacturing facilities. Our key innovations include:


Developed IPC technology (Isocyanate Permeation and Cross-linking technology). Isocyanate gradually penetrates into the basecoat layer and provides remarkable adhesion with the topcoat.

Developed Hyper Dispersion Technology that ensures uniform dispersion of products across surfaces thus providing OEM colour sharpness, transparency and vividness.

Developed the Waterborne 3-Wet Coating System, which gives a high-quality external appearance and actively works to reduce emissions of CO2.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Kansai Research & Development Headquarters in Japan consist of five research institutes and one research testing centre

One-third of all Kansai employees in Japan are involved in research and development activities relating to Basic Research, Coating Development, Application Development and Colour Design.

Through coordination with the regional technological departments of each Kansai window company, the Kansai Paint group aims for effective, broad-based research activities that will enable the company to respond quicker to what the market needs.

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