Paints that can think and adapt to specific needs

Engineered using cutting-edge technology, our products are designed by keeping every functional requirement in mind.

From paint that is washable, stain & scratch resistant that can be used in living rooms, to anti-microbial paint that kills disease spreading bacteria in hospitals, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms, we have every need covered.

With that final special ingredient – your creativity- together, we help bring all your painting dreams to life.


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Simplify processes. Reduce waste. Increase productivity.

Our products in the Automotive OEM and Refinish businesses meet the most exacting standards for rust prevention, longevity, durability and colour.

But we encourage our customers to expect more. With innovation and active collaboration backed by 24/7 on-site technical support, our focus is to reduce life cycle cost for our business partners.

Infused with unique OEM technology, our automotive refinish paint products come with a wide variety of benefits that apply to all your workshop requirements. Whether you are looking for hazard free environmentally sustainable workshops, high performing products with excellent quality and significant time and cost reduction, or even propitiatory technologies that provide noticeable quality improvements with minimal required effort, our products satisfy every need.

Durability. Reliability. Flexibility.

Our products are designed to meet a diverse range of customer requirements across a number of industries, in an environmentally sustainable manner. Each of our products meet the highest standards of durability and corrosion resistance, and are available in a variety of chosen finishes.

Some of the industries served by Kansai Paint include the construction, steel, heavy-duty, equipment, electronics, manufacturing and food and beverage industries. In each of these industries, our products are tailored to meet a diverse range of requirements.


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